Monday, February 1, 2016

Merchandising! Merchandising! – GIANT SIZE Kain Viccon Figure, 31 inches! HUGE!

Craft Project: GIANT SIZED Kain Viccon Figure! 31 HUGE inches! 

Time for another arts and crafts project, The Quest Saga style! Now, unlike the other custom made Quest Saga action figures I’ve posted thus far (Nancy Viccon, Kain Viccon, Noknor Mint in Box), this is not one I actually did a long time ago, but instead one I have yet to do. I will be posting the construction in real-time, explaining in detail my methods, tools, and so forth so you can get an idea of what really goes into these labors of love.
I’m really excited about this one. Once it’s done it should be really, really cool. It’s another Kain Viccon figure, natch, but taken to a more extreme scale: 31 inches! That’s 2 ½ feet of pure awesomeness! That may not sound so big, but trust me, the scale on this thing will be quite impressive. Join me, won’t you, on this grand journey of Quest Saga merchandising fun!
Okay, so let’s just start off with the very first step: the core figure. For this Kain Viccon I will be using a 31inch Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson giant sized WWE figure/statue from Wicked Cool Toys:
I actually saw this at Toys’R’Us and as soon I did I knew it would make an awesome Kain Viccon custom figure. As you well know by now (or if not, check this out) Dwayne Johnson is my #1 pick to play the role of Sir Kain Viccon in The Quest Saga film series, so obviously this 31inch Rock is perfect for my needs (take that as you will). Now, this figure is legitimately pretty cool. It’s colossal for a toy, has nine points of articulation (neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, & knees), and is amazingly detailed. Check out The Rock’s tat:

All that said, I don’t really see this as having too much playability. It’s actually pretty fragile and feels like the head or arms would pop off if you sneezed hard enough. As boys of all ages aren’t exactly know for their gentleness, I can’t imagine this thing would last long in a faux wrestling match. I’m thinking this thing was geared more towards the older collector market or perhaps something along the lines of a My Buddy/My Pet Monster; a stand-in friend for the kid to drag along everywhere much to the parents’ annoyance. The price goes a long way into proving my point. This badboy cost me $40, not a king’s ransom but much more than I’d usually spend on projects like this. Certainly that has to be more than what a parent would be willing to pay for something that’s going to lose its head after a powerbomb onto the coffee table.
I bought the last one on the shelf. Now there’s a whole slew of these HUGE 31inch figures covering everything from Star Wars to wrestling to superheroes. I don’t know how popular they are or how fast they are flying off the shelves, so I’m not sure if Toys’R’Us will get more in. I do see (as of press time) a ton of them for sell online for reasonable prices only a few bucks more or less of the $40 retail. I’m not sure how easy it would be to come across a second 31inch The Rock or even if I’d be willing to drop another $40+. Thus, I am going through this project with the notion that I’d getting one and only one shot at this. This one will take a while to complete, not sure how long but this will not be rushed job (famous last words). I simply can’t afford to let my impatience screw me over as it so often has in the past. Not only that, but I will be using a metric butt-ton of paint and polymer clay and all of that will take time to dry. Needless to say, this will be a long journey and I hope that you’ll stick with me on it. Any comments/questions are most welcome of course.
With that, I’ll collect all my supplies together and we’ll get started.

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