Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Politicians Dressed as Noknor

I've been photoshopping (or whatever the MSPaint version is) pictures of actors as they would look if they landed the role of Noknor, Scourge of Evil in the film version of The Quest Saga. Basically, I doctor photos of guys like Dave Bautista, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. to see what how they would like in the green make-up. Here's a reference of what Noknor (the main villain of The Quest Saga) looks like:
Green skin, red glowing eyes, you get the picture.

I've went in a different direction with it, going from actors that have the right look to people that have the right mindset: politicians!

This is probably my favorite of the lot; that scowl is just so perfectly Noknor-esque!
Yeah, I know Noknor's a guy, but she pulls it off rather nicely, doncha think?

Goddess, I love this country!

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