Sunday, September 15, 2019

My life as an Indie Writer - What the duece is an Indie Writer?

What is an Indie Writer?

An independent writer, or quite simply an Indie Writer, is a writer that is published but not with a traditional publishing house be it big, moderate or even minuscule. An Indie Writer is a writer that takes their stories and publishes them on their own. Perhaps they publish their work on their own website, maybe on a blog very similar to this one, maybe on Amazon Kindle or elsewhere on the web. Maybe they have the skills to produce their own ebook, or maybe they produce their own physical paper copies either through a Print-on-demand type of company or the old fashioned office copier. However the Indie Writer chooses their own method to publish their work, the key point is “their own.” Some might call this self-publishing, but I feel indie sounds so much sexier. Besides, that is exactly what we are: independent. Just like the indie film maker, the indie musician, or any indie artist, Indie Writers ply our craft ourselves by the sweat of our brows. We all have a story that is so dear to our hearts that we want to share it with the world. Our story may be one that changes lives or it might just be a silly little thing to entertain, but either way the story is our very reason for being. Our purpose. Maybe our purpose is not quite so...insane as Ego the Living Planet's, but it is a grand purpose none the less.

We put more energy than we can spare into it. We risk our very sanity for it. Through things like our own marketing, promotion, and our efforts to see our work in print, electronic and/or physical, our story sucks our money up like a vampire but we gladly feed it our very soul. Writing is our blessing and it is our curse. Some days we love our writing and some days we hate it. Sometimes we even just want to say screw it all and give it up forever, but we never do. As Indie Writers we are indeed writers. Writing is what we were born to do and writing is what we shall continue to do until the day we die. We couldn’t, wouldn’t want it any other way.

That is what an Indie Writer is.

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